Self care

Self care is important. Sometimes, self care involves forcing yourself out of bed for that cup of coffee and medication so you can at least get through the day if not function. I’ve been functional lately but this past week my self care has been the necessities. Brushing my teeth has been a big one. I don’t know what it is, but I just find it takes so much energy to do. My teeth are so sensitive from the lack of enamel that it hurts as well. Showering also took a lot of effort this week, as did getting changed. The other hard one was convincing myself that I deserved to take my modafinil.

It’s reading week now though and I was able to take a break. I didn’t study Saturday or Sunday and it was fabulous. I went hiking, slept in, worked out and went shopping and picked up some more luxurious self care products.

I got a soap, bubble bar, skin conditioner and face bar from lush which I’m hoping will encourage me to take a few longer showers.  I really feel good after I shower but I just find it to be too much effort. I also picked up Neil Hilborn’s book Our Numbered Days, and John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down. I read Our Numbered Days cover to cover last night in the bath, it was incredible.

I also grabbed some new tea from David’s Tea. I had 200g of free tea between my points and the sale going on so that was fantastic. (Side note; would you guys be interested in a post about my favorite teas? I know it’s not mental health related but I do love tea.) The last thing I picked up was a new notebook to track my workouts in. If I’m going to get serious about fitness, health and hand balancing I need to get serious about working out and tracking my progress.

On the bulimia side of things, I’ve been doing okay. I only purged once this past week, however I’ve been emotional eating a lot, feeling low because of it and gained 3 pounds last week. So I’m back to trying to follow a better meal plan. One that will have me feeling full, and be full of the micronutrients I need. I still need to get my weight down a bit and drop about 5% body fat. But slow and steady wins the race. I must remember that.