Letter to Katelyn Ohashi

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi now has a blog and I just got around to reading some more of her posts. She's a huge inspiration to me. Here's what I sent her:

Hi Katelyn,
I just wanted to send you a message saying how much you inspire me to keep on growing every day. To keep fighting. You're poetry is beautiful, and one of my biggest coping skills. I'm glad you've found poetry in your life as well. Your blog has really helped me and watching you compete for UCLA reminds me of why I started this sport, and my reasons for continuing to train and perform. I've struggled with bulimia since the age if 13. The trigger was deeper than gymnastics but gymnastics has played such a large part in both my recovery and relapses. It's easier to fly when you're smaller right? Gymnasts don't get their periods right? These questions haunted me. However, watching collegiate gymnastics and seeing healthy gymnasts perform and have FUN has really reminded me that I need to be strong to do this sport. Strong healthy and happy. And so I work on my recovery. 
Congrats on your 10 today, I hope you're celebrating nicely :)

I'm going to make some bell lets talk and EDAW posts early this week, Ive just been so busy and worn out this past week.
Happy February!