I'm thinking more and more of pursuing a fitness career. If I do get into my masters, I'll definitely do one, but after that I might leave mathematics for a while. But maybe part of me wishes I don't get in. I could be a personal trainer. Train my ass off. Join the circus.

I want to have the qualifications to lecture university or college math courses. I love teaching, but I love teaching adults. Adults who want to learn. I don't think I could stand being a high school teacher. The other problem with being a high school teacher is that I'd be stuck in this province, and my partner and I would love to stay here, but also want the opportunity to travel and move.

If I'm going to spend 2 years in school, I'd rather spend them doing a masters in math and learning more interesting mathematics instead of in teacher's college.

In my ideal world, I think I would lecture university or college math classes, as well as train in some sort of gymnastics/dance/circus discipline. I'd love to be Instagram famous in calisthenics, contortion and hand balancing and travel around the world meeting other artists.

I miss training gymnastics. I miss it so much. I find that I want to work out at home way more because I'm not getting the endorphins and adrenaline rush I got at gymnastics. I love being on the West coast, I love being with my boyfriend, but I miss my gym family. I miss flipping. All I want to do is roundoff tuck, an aria or a front full. I just want to be upside down. I've been doing lots of handstands and they're really improving and I'm having a lot of fun with it, but it's not the same as flipping through the air, doing as much as you can before your feet hit the floor.

Enough reminiscing for me, I need to study.