Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I spent the last few days up north celebrating my step grandparents 50th anniversary. There was of course a lot of food, and it was hard to count. I let myself go. It was difficult to do, but I told myself to try to enjoy everything, and that I can start counting when I get back.

I get back tonight. Which means tomorrow I get my shit together.

I'm not trying to restrict, I just want to exercise  more and eat more fruits and veggies and just keep track of it all. Keeping track of it makes me feel in control. Like I'm on top of things. And I need that feeling right now.

I'm excited that school is starting. I need the structure. I love my classes and enjoy feeling like I have a purpose in what I'm doing. I'm very goal oriented and having the structure and goals related to school makes me feel good. I'm taking a lighter course load, but with hard courses, so I should be able to balance everything quite well. What will be hard to juggle is writing my grad school applications as well as studying for the GRE on top of my regular course load. That being said, keeping busy is good.

No time to be sad if you're always focused on math.

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