Saturday, August 5, 2017


I went to see waterfalls with my mom's side of the family today, which was nice for about an hour. Then my stepdad and mom started arguing and the need to purge grew. I planned on purging dinner, which I didn't end up doing, but did purge later, after eating four muffins. I'm going out for waffles tomorrow. Sanity with regards to eating will start on Monday.

I started this post with the intention of making some sort of metaphor between waterfalls and purging. But, there's nothing beautiful about purging like there is about waterfalls. There's nothing delicate about the way food comes out and falls into the toilet bowl. Splashback is nothing like the mist that's created from water falling into the basin.

Purging sucks.
Bulimia sucks.
My weight has gone up.
Everything sucks.

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