Saturday, July 1, 2017

July goals

We're half way through the year, and it's been one hell of a half-year. From trying to kill myself and being hospitalized for 6 weeks, to completing my thesis, writing four exams and finding a full time summer job, I've worked my butt off.

I've actually achieved a fair number of my goals this year. I'm waiting to hear back about one of my grades, but my only grade that wasn't an A was an elective course, so we can pretend that didn't happen. If anything, I learned that even "easy" courses require studying. I also completed my thesis! That was a big goal for my academic career and I'm really proud to have achieved it.

The hospitalization was what I thought was a huge setback but really it propelled me forward. You need to pull an arrow back before launching it. I needed the medication change. My only regret is not getting myself to the hospital before my attempt, and causing others so much stress. I think I'm okay losing the friendship I lost though; if what she said to me is really what she thought, I don't need that in my life.

I stopped drinking, which I'm proud of. I wasn't having a real problem with my drinking in terms of addiction, but sober Niqi is much more willing to live than drunk Niqi.

My goals for the rest of the year are to:
1. reduce purging
2. exercise more
3. keep to a steady meal plan
4. apply for grad school
5. have money to move out west

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