Tuesday, July 18, 2017

21 facts

I turn 21 today, so here are 21 fun facts (not mental health related) about myself:

  1. I'm Canadian
  2. I live with three cats, but only one of them is mine
  3. My favorite colors are purple and green
  4. I love reading memoirs
  5. I'm on my university's gymnastics team
  6. I took a pole dancing class earlier this summer
  7. I love pretty stationary
  8. I'm almost always wearing patterned leggings
  9. Coffee is my best friend
  10. Tea is fabulous but not as fabulous as coffee
  11. The first time I drank was at my senior prom
  12. I lost my virginity to a girl
  13. I'm bisexual
  14. I've been vegetarian for 9 years
  15. I really really like math
  16. I haven't read the entire Harry Potter series
  17. My bedroom is yellow
  18. My goal is to have a successful mathematical career
  19. I want to end up living in California
  20. I'm moving out West in the new year
  21. I've had blue, purple, pink, black and blonde hair, but I'm back to my natural brown now

1 comment:

  1. Hello! Happy late birthday! I loved reading your facts. Hope you have a great year, you so deserve it!