Monday, June 12, 2017


It's been too long since I've given you guys an update!

I'm working reception now for a child protection service which is really great. The work is easy so I have brain power left to study, and it's rewarding to work for something you believe in.

Food has been good. I stopped binging and purging, started eating more fats and I feel a lot better. The only thing is, I'm skipping breakfast in order to lose weight. I am above my set point weight so I know that if I trust my body I'll lose those extra couple pounds, but I want to lose them quickly and now.

I'm going accross the country to visit my boyfriend at the end of the month, and it had been 'motivation' to lose weight to be perfectly honest. Especially because of all the beaches where he lives. I also want to feel more comfortable in my skin so that I feel good when he touches me.

Gymnastics and pole are going very well. I'm getting back to my old self in the gym. Working hard and having fun. I'm starting to get back the skills I lost and I'm really pleased with that. Pole is good as well, but my hands are too sweaty lololol. Otherwise it's a great workout but our instructor isn't very good at criticism so it's hard to improve and I feel like an ugly duck.

School is not going so well. I have two exams next week and I am not ready. I keep on choosing working out over school but endorphins are important right? I also have two exams the week after next that I'm also not ready for. Luckily today is a quiet day at work so I've been doing a bit of studying.

I get to see my grandma tomorrow and I'm super excited as I love her to death! She judges vegans but whatever, I can explain my reasons and I know she'll love me uncondituonaly. I feel bad that she has to feed me but I did offer to bring my own food and she said no. I'm pretty lax about the whole thing though so I'll eat some dairy or eggs if it's unavoidable in the situation.

Borderline wise I've been doing amazingly. I'm coping really well with my boyfriend being away, I'm not paranoid about him leaving me and I feel like my other relationships are strong. Other than oversleeping I haven't bee actin in behaviors. I also have barely had any self harm urges and when I did I didn't act on them.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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