Monday, June 26, 2017


It's been too long since I've written! Between work and exams I've been pretty swamped.

Exams didn't go as planned. I only wrote three out of five, which doesn't ruin my academic career or anything, but it does put some more pressure on these summer courses.

My one summer course went terribly. I scored a 58% on the final exam when I should have easily scored above an 80%. It was a first year course that I was using to bump up my average, and it did the exact opposite. I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone how I did so I can't get much support for the low grade.

I'm only taking one course this summer term, so I'm going to need to crack down and study hard. My grades have been slipping and it's inexcusable. Honestly, I think the reduction in anxiety has been worsening my grades. I know I need to learn to motivate myself in healthy ways, not be pushed to my limits due to anxiety, but it hurts to do so poorly. I seem to be developing some senioritis but I still need these grades to get into grad school!!!!

I guess it's time to crack down and hit the books.

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