Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I started a pole dancing class today and it was marvelous. The workout itself wasn't as hard as I would have liked but that's to be expected from a beginner class. It did show my how much upper body strength I lack though. It has definitely motivated me to work harder on my arms and chest.

The class was fun. We started with some stretching and a bit of conditioning. Some pushups, a butt circuit and abs. We then learned a few basic tricks. And by basic, I mean basic. But this is something I really see myself getting into. If I had the money and the time I'd throw myself into it now, but I have neither.

Speaking of time and money, I got hired! I sent them an email explaining all the time off I'm going to have to take though for my exams and my trip out west, and they haven't gotten back to me. If they are okay with all of it I start Monday. If they aren't, well the job hunt continues.

I can maybe make it through the summer without a job, covering all my living expenses. But that doesn't include my summer school or fall term tuition. And I need to pay tuition somehow. In an ideal world I'll find a full time job that starts in July. My June is just so busy I'm quite worried about how I'll manage my time if I do start work earlier. As much as I want the job I just got hired for to work out, I'm just concerned that it will be too much.

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