Sunday, May 7, 2017

Family time

When you have an eating disorder, family gatherings can be tough. I went up north for my boyfriend's stepdad's birthday. The weird part though, was that my boyfriend wasn't there. He's accross the country at school.

I managed though. I snacked on fruits, veg and crackers with hummus. It was a drop in event so there was no big sit down dinner which helped. I also had a small slice of cake to celebrate the occasion.

No the cake was not vegan. I'm labelling myself as an antisocial vegan. When I'm with others I'm vegan when I can be, but will dabble with non vegan foods. When I'm alone though and am making the food choices I choose vegan food.

It was nice connecting with his family. His mother is wonderful. And I hope she becomes my mother in-law someday.

I also spoke with his younger brother who suffered from many of the same conditions I do, and can really relate to him.

I'm scared I'm getting too attached to his family. My borderline has idealized all of them and I'd really like to incorporate them into my family in the future. But what if things don't work out with me and Kyle?

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