Monday, April 17, 2017

home sweet home

I went down to my mom's house yesterday with Kyle as a birthday surprise for her.

It's been going better then previous trips down that I've taken. I purged dinner yesterday and had a purged twice today. So it's definitely not going well, but it's not going as badly as my old trips used to be. The veganism helps, gives me more reason to cook my own safe foods.

It's been really good to see my siblings. It's been too long since I've really spent time with them. I had a few talks with both my brother and sister about drugs and relationships and made sure they had a healthy relationship with food. They seem to be doing remarkably well. They also feel more comfortable talking to me now, and promised they'd call if ever they need some sisterly advice.

Kyle saw how good I was with my siblings and it made him think about our future. I can't stop thinking about our future.

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  1. So are you home for good now? I hope so....glad you got to visit with the sib's...I loved your art therapy work, beautiful!