Friday, March 3, 2017

Weekend pass

I'm out!!
Well, just for the weekend, but that's a start. If this weekend goes well I'm hoping to get discharged at the end of next week.

My plans for this weekend are pretty boring - studying, studying and more studying...

... except for tonight. Tonight I'm going to my friends, switching out our belly button piercings, re-piercing my nose and having a couple drinks. Probably all with Grey's Anatomy playing in the background.

I'm just so looking forward to getting out and sleeping in my own bed.


  1. I really hope your weekend went well and you were able to have some fun, you so deserve it! Your tattoo design is lovely.

    Take care of yourself and I hope you get released soon!

    Sending Love, tracy

    1. Thanks Tracy,
      My weekend was a bit rocky, but mostly good. It was wonderful to sleep in my bed again. I hope you're well.