Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 3

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I wasn't able to sleep much the night before due to running into my ex who said some mean things to me, but they day itself was good. I went to the gym, worked on a new floor routine, and studied a hell of a lot. (I have two midterms today).

Yesterday I ate:
oatmeal with protein powder and peanut butter
nachos and salsa
peanut butter
salad with ginger sesame dressing


  1. Hello! I am so sorry I haven't written in so long! It looks like you are doing really well, especially with food, I could learn so much from you! Want you to know I care about you and wish you all the best and promise to write more often!

  2. Good luck with the mid terms and I am so sorry about your ex.......