Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bulimia shopping

Last night, as I was picking up some (vegan) candy to snack on while going back to the hospital, I saw a girl anxiously pacing through the store.

She had picked up two cold drinks from Tim Hortons, plus chocolate, arrowroot cookies and a bottle of water.

As she was leaving I saw her spit some of her drink into the trash.

It just screamed bulimia. Maybe I look for it because of my illness. She could have been picking up food for a friend. She could have gum in her mouth that she was spitting out. But I got the feeling that she was bulimic.

I wanted to approach her and tell her to be safe, and that it would be okay, but I know if someone did that to me while binge shopping I would be very upset. I just felt an odd connection with this stranger, like we understood each other. I didn't say anything, and I know that's for the best.

But it did get me wondering, who notices me when I'm binge shopping? What do they think of me? Have other bulimics seen me and thought the same way?

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  1. I notice too, whenever I see someone obviously shopping for a binge. I will recognize the mix of items in their cart, and their behavior.

    I've had people notice with me too...twice! It really didn't bother me, it made me think. A lady that worked at a drive thru told me "be safe tonight sweetie." It was sweet of her. I always liked her and I was there so often that she was a familiar face and I didn't mind the small talk. When I left for treatment, she noticed. I came back (and my drive thru order changed, lol) and she was genuinely thrilled to see me and know that I was okay. I've never once told her about my bulimia, but I think she knew.