Sunday, January 8, 2017

Food laws

I won food today. I was doing a lot better at the end of November and beginning of December but lapsed over the holidays. Today was awesome though.
Breakfast: 1c cereal, 1/2c almond milk
Lunch: spinach feta wrap and two source yogurts
Dinner: ginger sesame salad, two protein bars

No binging. No purging.

I've been really struggling lately with the new law in Ontario where every chain restaurant has to have their calories posted in their menu. I had a melt down yesterday over hot chocolate while skating. This law is bullshit. I've gotten into Facebook arguements about it, which have dine nothing but anger me. I've signed petitions that have so far done no good.

I'm sick of being triggered just by living.
How is someone supposed to get better in a society like this?


  1. Congrats! It's so hard when the calories are plastered everywhere. You think it'd be enough to just have pamphlets to give people who want to know, but nooo.


  2. I admire your goals but be sure to be gentle with yourself, okay> xoxo