Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last year's resolutions

These were last year's resolutions:

  • Reduce binging and purging to once a week
    • Did not achieve this goal but my binging and purging has reduced a lot since last year, so I am proud of my progress, and look forward to achieving this goal in 2017.
  • Journal and continue addiction treatment
      • Due to hallucinations, my treatment took a a turn and the focus was taken off of addiction work. Again, I hope that with my new meds I am able to go back to journaling and addiction treatment
    • Go to group every week
      • My group got cancelled but I managed to find other groups and went almost every week. Definite success with this resolution
    • No overdoses
      • Oops. 

    • Don't let mental illness ruin my relationship
      • SUCCESS
    • Pay back my debts, or at least don't get into more debt
      • SUCCESS

    • Get straight A+ in courses
      • lol.... it was one of the worst years for me academically
    •  Get a good summer job
      • Unfortunately due to the bad academic standing this past year I was not able to get a good summer job, and ended up at a dead end job that worsened my mental health
    • Present my research at the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematical Conference
      • Did not have the time to get ready for this event, or have the money to go. But I did go to a two week intensive math summer school which I went to instead of this conference
    • Write my GRE
      • I'll be writing one in February 2017, and one in April 2017

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    1. It sounds like you've made a lot of progress this year despite the negatives. I know it's been a hard year, but please don't allow that to drown out the steps you *have* made.