Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 goals

I'm setting goals instead of resolutions this year. It seems more realistic. If I mess up one day, the next day will come and I can try again. This isn't an all or nothing situation, it's about progress and becoming a better person, as supposed to being a better person over night. 

Academic goals
  1. Straight As
  2. Apply for graduate school
  3. Complete thesis

Lifestyle goals
  1. Go to the gym 5x a week
  2. Keep consistent sleep schedule
  3. Drink at most once per month
  4. Keep room clean

Eating related goals
  1. Quit purging
  2. Lose 10lbs
  3. Maintain new weight
  4. Eat consistently
  5. Quit purging
Other goals
  1. Perform slam poetry at an open mic
  2. Get involved in volunteering over the summer
  3. Visit family more

Bring it on 2017

1 comment:

  1. Your goals are so impressive, just be sure to not put too much stress on yourself, you are amazing, really! xoxo, tracy