Monday, October 17, 2016


It's so easy to say.
I'll start tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the day.

But this time I'm serious. I will continuously improve. I will overcome this bulimia. I'll be healthy, I'll be strong, I'll be smart I'll be powerful.

I'll be my own inspiration.

It starts with my eating. Healthy clean food makes me feel good and reduces the binging and purging. Yogurt, berries, bananas, peanut butter, protein powder, greens.
Then comes the exercise. Gymnastics four times a week. Cardio three times a week. At least. More if possible. But I need to have extra protein shakes to have the energy to workout this much.
Then comes school. With the confidence I will have from positive eating and exercise, I'll be ready to attack the math. I'll write a kick ass thesis. Ace homework assignments.

I'm going to rock it.

But first sleep.

"Let her sleep. For when she wakes, she will move mountains"

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