Friday, October 21, 2016

protein bars

This blog post is going to be mostly me ranting about my love hate relationship with protein bars. I will be posting a blog post where I give my review of protein bars over the weekend, but for now I'm just going to rant. I'm in a complaining mood.

OKAY. So protein bars cost about a million dollars a box, and 2 million dollars if you buy them individually. So me, trying to be financially responsible, buys protein bars in boxes. But then I binge on them. And I can't purge them because they cost a million dollars. And they have protein, and I need the protein in my diet. But it was still a binge and I'll hate myself for it for the next week.

Now you're probably thinking, okay Niqi, just don't fucking binge on your protein bars. But when I don't keep binge food in the house, they're the closest thing I have to chocolate bars and so they become my binge food.

And thus, I have to buy my protein bars individually. And spend more money that I don't have.



  1. This may be a stupid question (coming from someone who doesn't do protein bars), but have you thought of making your own? I see recipes around all the time that seem pretty quick & easy, and it might help with both the problem of cost and the issue of having huge amounts around.


    1. I've made some in the past, and you're right, it's a much better situation for me! I'm mostly just too lazy though :P After reading this last night I went out and bought some ingredients to make my own bars this weekend though! Thanks :)