Saturday, October 8, 2016


I finally have some!

... well not really, my tuition isn't fully paid. But my student loans finally arrive so I feel less stressed about my financial situation.

Of course, being the irresponsible little shit I am, I went out shopping. I didn't do too much damage; $100 spent at the nutrition store (which included a huge container of protein powder), $40 spent on new running shoes (which were desperately needed), and $30 spent on things for my cat.

It was nice to get a bit of retail therapy in, especially when I was buying things that were between wants and needs. I don't need protein powder, but I need food. I don't need a scratching post for Prozac, but I do need a box spring that isn't ruined. And, I don't need new shoes, but I need to stop getting injured.

It's the start of my reading week - which means the start of 11 whole days of unstructured time. I'm worried about the binging and purging increasing but I'm hoping I can keep myself in check with exercise, studying and relaxing. I want to re-read all the Harry Potter books over the next 11 days. I have a few letters to write, some to my pen-pals, some to the government.

To all the Canadians out there - happy Thanksgiving weekend! I hope the food and family situation doesn't get you too stressed out.


  1. I'm glad that's one less stress on your shoulders :)

    Wait, is your cat called Prozac?! I love it!


    1. I did name my cat Prozac! My cat makes me happy, and prozac makes me happy so I figured it was a good name :) I call him Zac for short (or when I'm in a situation where I don't want to be open about mental illness)