Monday, September 5, 2016

Twice to be gone

I promised to wait
Another ten years, but
The hatred inside
Of me ruined the night

We had plans to see
Each other the
Next day, but I tried
Twice to be gone

I lied and told
You that walks are nice
When I was heading to
The pharmacy

I went to sleep
With hope that I
Would cease
To be

I told you the next day
That I did "Something dumb"
But never told you
To what extent

I took enough to stop
A heart
But your love
Kept mine beating

You brought me a sweater
And gave me a hug
But nothing would make up
For the pain that I caused

The rail road tracks
On the front of my arms
Don't lead to where I want to go
And I tried twice to be gone

I tried to go by failure of
Heart and maybe
That shows how
Much I love you

I can never be
Sorry enough for
What I did and I tried

Twice to be gone

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