Monday, September 5, 2016

Senior year

Senior year of University.
Except not really
Because I got sick
So I have to do a 5th
Year. What is that called?
A victory lap,
It doesn't feel like a
Victory to me.

I write a thesis this
Year then come back to
Take a few extra courses so
I can graduate before going
On to do 6 more years of
School with my
Masters and Ph.D.

I spend my life in school
And can't decide if
I love it or hate it. I suppose
Both can be true if you
Look at it as a dialectic
I love it more than I
Hate it, or I wouldn't stick
Through it this long

I love the learning, the
Expansion of my mind
I just can't seem to handle
The pressure. The need to be
Top of the class to get into
Graduate programs to get
A good job. Everything is always
Just about chasing the future
And it's coming at me
Way to quickly

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