Saturday, September 17, 2016

Firing my therapist

I've had a few issues with my therapist lately.

Between my discharge from hospital and trip to British Columbia I had a very important one hour session booked. She rescheduled it to a different day, but didn't tell me that it was a half hour session instead of an hour. Not only that, but we got into a fight about my whether or not I should keep my job as well as my course of treatment. It wasn't just a conversation; it got hostile.

Since then, she's cancelled on me twice and could only rebook me on September 30th.

Over the summer, when I was paying her privately, she could get me in in a heartbeat. Now that I'm not paying her privately (as my therapy is with the school) she can't fit me in for weeks? I was in the hospital a month ago. You'd think she'd care.

So she's getting fired. I don't know how to go about telling her though. Should i send her an email or just never contact her again?

I'm debating what to do next with regards to therapy. I'm thinking of taking a little tine off, and then seeing either a CBT therapist or an eating disorder therapist.

Lots of things to think about.


  1. after the most amazing therapist i ever had moved away cause she got a better job, i fired 2 therapists because they just weren't right. i think an e-mail saying thank you for everything but i'd like to terminate contact or whatever is the best... also DBT was super helpful for me! good luck xx

  2. That's so messed up :(

    Personally, I don't contact mental health professionals if I decide to stop seeing them. My GP will usually let them know, and tell them why if they've messed up. I think it's an individual decision. Sometimes it feels better to get it out, sometimes it's not worth the drama.