Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fairy tale

I once read a fairy tale, and there
Was a mom and dad who lived
Happily ever after. I learned early
That my life wasn't a fairy tale

Because my parents didn't live
Together for long, and the chaos
Began, and the next thing I knew, was that
The fairy tale I read, would not be my life.

I once read a fairy tale and the
Stepmother was mean but I am
So grateful for the my stepmother.
I'm glad my story's not a fairy tale,

But maybe the fairy tale was between
My dad and his new wife, who fell into
True love after fighting for their
Lives and battled to be together.

I once read a fairy tale and the couple
Lives happily ever after but Cindy
Kept fighting but was defeated, and
My life was no longer a fairy tale.

I met a boy when I was 13
And I swore he could be the one,
But when you're 13 he's never the
One, and my life still wasn't a fairy tale.

I once read a fairy tale and the damsel
Was in distress. She need a
Strong prince to save her, and love her,
And carry her away

Not too long ago I was damsel
In distress, but I didn't need
Someone to save me, just someone
To love me as I found myself.

I once read a fairy tale and well that's not
Reality, but I found a gentlemen who sweeps
Me off my feet while I save myself and
I like to call what we have a fairy tale romance

Because we bring out the best in each
Other. But one day we'll go our own separate
Ways, maybe you don't get a fairy tale life,

But many mini fairy tales throughout

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