Friday, September 9, 2016


I'm trying to eat
My dinner but it's
Been 53 minutes
And I'm not even
Half way through this
Bowl of macaroni

My roommate is being
Wonderful  and sweet
Staying with me as I take
Forever to try and eat

Food has been hard
Lately, and I'm at a new
Low weight but feel so
Incredibly large. I thought
I was different.

I was warned that as
I lose weight by body image
Would drop, but I thought
That I would be different, that
I would love my new skinny

I was wrong. I hate
That I can't eat
A 600 calorie dinner
In under an hour. I hate that
I think my boyfriend is
Avoiding me because I'm fat,
And not that he just
Has a lot of work to

It's now been an hour
And I'm still struggling

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