Friday, August 5, 2016

The little things

I talked a bit yesterday about how one of my methods to pull myself out of my depression is to focus on the little things. I've made a post like this a bit over a year ago, but I've change a lot, and the little things I find helpful have changed as well.

Little things that remind me why life is good:

- Reading a good book by the water
- Chatting with my siblings
- Finding cool new pants
- Watching gymnastics
- Doing gymnastics
- Solving a difficult math problem
- Dancing
- Watching my siblings grow up
- Picking and eating fresh raspberries
- Coloring
- Kissing my boyfriend
- That feeling when words just spill out
- Stargazing
- Jumping on a trampoline
- Swimming underwater when the world seems to disappear
- Fuzzy blankets on cold days
- Tea, hot chocolate and coffee
- Having beautiful color coded notes
- That feeling when you know you aced an exam
- The repetitive motion of knitting or sewing
- Creating something new
- Listening to your favorite song

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