Thursday, August 25, 2016

Successful dinner out

So, math camp is over and I already miss it. That probably seems strange to you, but math really is something I'm really passionate about and I met some of the most amazing women there.

There was a dinner last night, and I didn't want to go because eating food in front of a lot of people is not my forte, but one of the girls (who had a history of eating problems) said she'd support me and that I could sit at the same table as her.

Her table just happened to be the table with the professor I would like as my master's supervisor, so I was thrilled. I got through dinner, I have no idea how many calories I consumed, I didn't purge and it was amazing. We talked about all sorts of things, from relationships to disabilities to religion. It was fantastic. We really had similar views and a matching personality, so now I just need to work hard enough to get in to the school for my masters!

Today so far hasn't been great. I had a presentation to do, and it went well (without ativan!) but I did purge twice already this morning.. that is all I've eaten today. I'm now on my way to see family so I'm really going to push myself to enjoy a lovely dinner with them, and choose food I'm comfortable keeping down.

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