Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nude beach

There's a clothing optional beach near where I'm staying and I headed down to read today by the water. I wasn't planning on taking my clothes off - I'm way to self conscious for that. 

I was reading away, and my bathing suit wasn't fitting properly and the tassels on the top of my bathing suit were getting in the way. 

I too off my bathing suit top. It felt very awkward at first, but so many people around me weren't wearing clothing it didn't seem to weird. The greatest part was that my body image issues barely arose! It was an incredibly liberating experience and I was able to comfortably read and enjoy my time at the beach. 

If any of you get a chance to go to a clothing optional beach, I highly recommend it. I recommend changeling your body image issues and put yourself out there. I don't regret this experience at all, and would happily do it again. I'm actually going to the beach again tonight for a swim, and will most likely go topless.  


  1. This sounds really positive!

    I know in mainland Europe it's more the norm to completely strip off at the beach but us Brits are far more stuffy about such things. I stopped being funny and self conscious about nudity when my son was born, because when enough people see you naked it stops being such a thing! Haha! Xx

  2. Sounds awesome! I love the idea of clothing optional beaches etc.. I've seen a few bloggers post about them lately and it just seems like such a positive experience. I don't think there are any around me, though.