Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I went to a restaurant for dinner tonight with my boyfriend. I ordered a quesadilla with fries and he ordered a chicken salad. When the server came to give us our food, she automatically assumed that I ordered the salad.

Why is this assumption made? Must the skinny girl always order a salad? The girl orders a cute little salad and the man orders whatever the fuck he wants?

This shouldn't bother me this much. But I felt so guilty already for ordering what I did, but I knew I needed the calories. She really triggered more of those feelings of guilt and I swear I could see her judging me as I ordered all this fatty food with a diet pepsi.

I wish people would stop making assumptions. This extends beyond waitresses assuming women order salads.

This applies to people assuming that I restrict when what I struggle with most is binging. People hear I have an eating disorder and assume I have anorexia. I got asked by my grandma if I was comfortable having a slice of pie. Yes, I'd be comfortable eating the entire pie if I could purge it.

This applies to people thinking I can't struggle with mental illness because I don't look sick. To people assuming I'm too smart to have an eating disorder. To people assuming that I get by on my looks or that I'm stupid because I have pink hair.

I wish there was just more acceptance and less stereotypes.

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  1. Your post really resonated with me. I don't struggle with an eating disorder but I have an autoimmune disorder that leaves me feeling sick. It is an invisible disease so I don't look sick. People think I'm faking it most of the time. Keep your head up and don't worry about what other people think. Focus on your health!

    Jeffery @ New Dawn Treatment Centers