Saturday, July 30, 2016

High functioning

They say I'm high functioning.
I have enough diagnosis
To fill up one hand
But it's all hidden under
This marvelous mask

They say I'm high functioning.
I go to school, I work
I even live hours away from family
I do chores, I pay bills
But I till cry myself to sleep at night

The problem with being high functioning is that they don't notice when things go wrong. It took so long for me to find help because no lne believed I was as sick as I was. And by the time I got help, it was too late. I was slicing my body open and popping pills every night.


  1. Awwww, geeez I am so be very honest t with you, I have been in the psych ward more times that I can tell you...wish I knew what to tell never scared me, just made me feel so bad for my husband and son....the people I met there were always so nice and I wish people could be on the "outside", I hope you feel better soon, and know I have been where you are....sending all my love.......but it is such a differnt world.......dammit, yes?

    1. Thank you for sharing and your kind words <3 , I really like this unit, but it's tough knowing that the scary outside world is still there