Sunday, July 24, 2016


As a thank you for all the support I've received on my blog lately, I thought I'd launch another giveaway!

2 ways to enter:
  1. Share my blog on any form of social media (fb, twitter, instagram etc) and either tag me or send a screenshot to 
  2. Comment on a blog post, and finish your comment with "2016giveaway"

What you get: 
  1. A copy of my poetry book
  2. Flavored stevia of your choice
  3. A harry potter coloring book
August 31st

Good luck!


  1. It seemed rude to comment on one of your wonderful and heartfelt posts simply for a giveaway, so I'm commenting here. Thank you for this blog and your Twitter. You are such a wonderful writer. 2016giveaway

  2. Thank you for all the writing you do. Seriously you are a gifted writer and I'm blessed I found your blog. Thank you so much! #2016giveaway