Monday, June 27, 2016

Understanding anxiety

I was told once to picture
My thoughts as clouds
Passing through the sky
And too just notice them
Coming and going
Without acting on their presence. 

But my thoughts aren't like that
If my thoughts were a cloud
They'd be a big roaring 
Thunder cloud
Filled with pellets
Of frozen water.

My thoughts cause the weather man
To send out warnings and alerts
Telling you to duck for cover, 
Hide in your basement
Stay inside,
Or run away.

My thoughts are tornadoes
That come in fiercely
And destroy whatever 
Stands in their way
Whether that's a tree
A house, or a life. 

I need you to understand
That when my thoughts
Come rushing in 
I have to shut down
Like lightning causing 
A power outage.

My anxiety is the catalyst
Throwing my thoughts 
Into motion and causing 
The atmospheric reactions
That come and destroy
Life as it was.

My anxiety is the fault line
Running through southern california
The lightest touch
Causes the earth to shake
And it really does feel
Like the sky is falling.

My anxiety is the ice
On the road at night
Hiding but dangerous
Making you slip and slide
Right off the road
Into the dark abyss.

When my anxiety
Gets the best of me
I can't just watch 
All the destruction
I need to take
Immediate action

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