Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Sunday will be June 12th, the date of my last suicide attempt two years ago.

I'm planning to spend the day on my own, doing things for me and not for others. This is a day to celebrate all the work I've done over the past two years. A day to recognize myself for always being there even when others weren't.

This week has been okay, binging and purging has gone way down and I don't think I'm restricting very much, but I know my mind can skew these things. I'm eating about 1500/day though.

What's really pushing me through this week is knowing that I get paid on Friday, and that Sunday is my day.

Here's my plan for the day so far
8am: wake up, stretch, drink coffee, watch a couple episodes of house of lies.
9am: take the bus downtown
9:30am: breakfast at Starbucks
10am: go get my recovery tattoo!!!!!
Noon: head over to the mall to pick up knitting supplies and some bath products, and grab lunch
2pm: take my new knitting project with me to see Alice through the looking glass.
5pm: head home for dinner and rest after my long day

I was dumb and forgot to book my tattoo appointment but I was told there should be room for me as a walk on Sunday morning. If not I'll book with them to get it done the following week, and just enjoy my morning out by the waterfront.

Its Wednesday, aka hump day, and the last thing I want to do is go to work. But after work I get to go see my therapist and then spend the evening with my boyfriend, so I'm looking forward to getting through today.



  1. Very cool! What are you getting? The NEDA symbol or something different? I want a Phoenix one day.

    1. Im getting the neda symbol incorporated into a larger design! Once I actually get it done (I as too sick to get it done yesterday) I'll upload pictures!

  2. Your plans sound your life and loving yourself on the anniversary of a day when you thought life wasn't worth living.

    I can't wait to see the recovery tattoo. I love that idea and have been wanting one for myself. :)

    1. Thanks!! They didnt exactly pan out, but I still had a decent day :)