Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I dyed my hair recently and thought I'd share some pictures :) Here was my original colour.

I died my hair purple, it started off pretty dark, but faded to a light colour pretty quickly.

The purple faded pretty quickly, and I'm blonde now. I've never really had light hair but I thought I'd test the theory that blonde girls have more fun.

The purple was semi permanent, and was supposed to last a month and ended up lasting all of a week... so I'm pretty bummed about that. I'm going to find a different brand of purple dye and try again later in the summer. 


  1. You're very pretty, miss.

    I love the way some of those dyes fade. It makes the purple-blonde look like a natural colour.

  2. Your smile is so pretty! :) You look positively radiant.

    You should have a look for the Schwarzkopf Brilliance Luminance range. I used to use their purple, and always use their reds. It's lightens and dyes in one step without having to bleach, and is so vibrant! I haven't dyed my hair for some 6 months, but the regrowth is all I really have to redo. Plus it's available at supermarkets & department stores, and only costs ~$15.


  3. Nice to see your face. You're so pretty, and yey to purple! Xx