Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Psych ER

You're probably expecting a negative post.

But I'm going to surprise you. I had a lovely experience in the psych ER last night.

Yesterday was tough, I ended up hallucinating at work, taking too much ativan and needing to go to the hospital. I had to tell my supervisor that I was hallucinating and needed her to call me an ambulance. It was awful. I try to keep my mental illness and work separate, but unfortunately mental illness doesn't work that way.

Any how, I was brought in to the emergency room, and treated quite nicely. Once I was medically cleared I was brought over to the psych emerg. The nurses were lovely. The psychiatrist was great, he really know how to talk to me, and was able to catch all my bullshit and actually got me to admit to everything that was going on.

I was given the choice to stay the night, which is what I was hoping for, on the condition that I ate dinner. I ate dinner, and didn't purge, and had a safe night. I was treated with kindness and respect, and got what I needed.

Why can't every psych ward be like this? Treat patients as people? And give them what they need?


  1. Crikey, that sounds like a vacation. The nearest psych ward here definitely would not give you that treatment. They're hurl you into a locked cell and leave you there for 24 hours. If you're lucky, you might get a Haldol shot...

    I've heard of ativan and similar drugs causing hallucinations in a lot of people. Hope you're feeling much better now. <3

  2. I think it's a positive that you asked for help and went to the ER in the first place :)

    Sometimes a short break can work wonders. I wish more psychs were like that. We don't have a specific psych ER, but I've had hellish experiences seeing the psych in the general ER.

    Hope you're feeling better today <3