Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fitness convention

I went to a fitness convention yesterday morning, and I left with mixed feelings.

To be perfectly honest, the entire fitness world seems like a big eating disorder to me that's been so normalized that it's no longer considered disordered. If I called my restricting 'cutting', or my binging 'bulking' would I have less of an eating disorder? If I counted macros instead of calories, would I have less of a disorder? '
A lot of it seems like a competition, to see who can be the most disordered. Who's to say that these athletes are healthy? Why is the eating disorder community so hated on, while the fitness community is loved? It seems like variations of the same disorder to me.



  1. I've always had the same thought. Seems like there is a very fine line between the fitness world and the ED world.

  2. There's definitely a fine line. I've seen people who recover from EDs and immediately start lifting and clean eating and becoming a fitness junkie. It might be healthier than the extremes we go to, but the obsession's still there, and I wonder how 'recovered' they really are.


  3. Agreed! Perfectly worded too. My only wonder would be around intentions. In many cases eating disorders are a form of self destruction, control in an uncontrolled world. Not really about health, where in the fitness world that's the main goal. I understand you are comparing Eds with those who have probably pushed their limits past the point of healthy anyway.. So maybe my point is mute.