Sunday, May 8, 2016


I want to be vegan. For environmental and ethical reasons. I'm pretty confident that my desire ti be vegan isn't driven my eating disorder for two reasons.
a) I wanted to be vegetarian at a very young age and became vegetarian a couple years before developing my eating disorder.
b) being vegan makes it much harder to be a bulimic.. especially while on a budget.

I'm a bit concerned about my protein intake but I know I can get enough with lentils, beans and tofu.

What I'm really concerned about is my dairy. I know I could drink soy or almond milk but I don't like soy milk and almond milk is so expensive!

One of my safe foods is also protein bars, and I don't know which ones, if any are vegan.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?



  1. I've been vegan before. I'm vegetarian and I have been for 13 years now, but I think most of us dabble with veganism at some point or other! Haha! The thing that made me personally stop was the hunger. I found I had to eat a LOT more. I didn't gain weight, in fact I actually lost a bit! I just didn't like feeling like I was eating a lot when I wasn't, I also found it quite isolating. It was ok when I was living on my own, but when I went to visit my family it was tough, they've just about got their heads round me being a vegetarian (even after over a decade) and most of their vegetarian options involve eggs/ cheese! I'm mostly vegan now, as I don't really like eggs or cheese, and I can't stand milk. Only very recently started eating real yoghurt!

    My advice would be plenty of cooking from scratch and meticulously reading food labels. A lot of protein bars are vegan. I don't know how things are where you live but in the UK you can get vegan protein powder which you can add to porridge and stuff, I like the chocolate one. On a budget it's harder, but as you said, beans and pulses are cheap and a good source of protein. I've always been very anti dairy myself, as I don't think we need it, and shouldn't be drinking the milk of another animal, plus it doesn't exist in other cultures. The fact we can digest milk is a mutation. That's just my opinion though. You can get calcium and stuff from plants. Lots of vegans also take supplements.

    I think getting adequate nutrition is the key. When you deprive your body of nutrients your more likely to binge, I managed to massively cut down and eventually stop bingeing and purging by sorting my diet out and actually eating what I craved, rather than trying to restrict, and then having a massive binge.

    My one concern is being vegan requires a lot of thinking and planning around food, which may encourage ED behaviour. A lot of my recovery involved stopping obsessive behaviour/ kcal counting and eating what I enjoyed instead. I know I've relapsed, but I did have 2 years ED free. I've always been warned about the dangers of dieting in recovery though, because they can easily trigger relapses. My mum used to say, 'an alcoholic can never drink again, you can never diet again.'

    Hope some of my incoherent rambling was useful!


  2. Check out the no meat athlete website. He's a vegan and has a lot of helpful info on being an athlete and maintaining a vegan lifestyle with both budget and nutrition in mind. He has sooo many good resources, and even recipes.