Friday, May 27, 2016

The name of my cat: Some comic relief

I've been posting some pretty dark posts the past few days, and my mood is finally starting to shift. Forcing myself out with my friend has helped, food has helped, and sitting in the book store Starbucks is definitely helping.

So for some comic relief.

Here is the, quite amusing, story of how it took me twenty-four days to learn my cat's name.

Firstly, when I saw my cat, I mean my aunt's cat. And by my aunt's, I mean my stepmom's cousin. But I'm living with her for two months, and I pet her a lot, so for all intensive purposes, this is my cat.

When I first moved in, on May 1st, I couldn't remember the cat's name from the last time I visited. But I was so busy moving in and getting settled that I didn't ask.
By the second day, I was too embarrassed to ask because I had spent the entire previous day petting the cat.
Day three, four and five just got worse and worse.
By the second week, I knew I was doomed. I was never going to know this cat's name. It was too awkward and embarrassing to ask at this point.

Luckily, on May 24th, my aunt (slash step cousin once removed), posted a video of the cat with a caption including the cats name! I was saved. I will now never forget Leni's name.

I hope you're all enjoying your Friday



  1. Hahaha, oh no! Don't they have a tag, or do they not wear collars? I would've come up with some sort of nickname in the meantime. Kitty McCatface springs to mind :P


    1. She doesn't wear a collar! That was my first idea! ahaha love the nickname, I usually just called her "my little kitty"