Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thai food

Today has been a pretty fantastic Saturday so far. I slept in, brought my boyfriend down to the train station, napped, and watched the Dodgers beat the Jays! (I'm a baseball geek). My intake today hasn't been great, but I'm really nervous about going out for dinner tonight with my dad, aunt and uncle.

We're going out for vegetarian Thai food. I haven't had Thai food in a really long time, and I'm mostly really excited. Of course, there is the part of me that is terrified. We're going to a small independent restaurant, so nutritional information will be very hard to obtain. I'm trying to remind myself that I should focus on food groups instead of calories but it's so difficult to do. The foodie in me wants a stirfry with noodles and sauce, and the eating disorder in me wants steamed veggies. I really do hope that the foodie in me wins tonight, it deserves a win.

Other than that, today has been a pretty relaxing day. I've no coffee so far today which is awful, but also nice, It's nice to know I don't depend on it as much as I used to to get me through the day. I not planning on ceasing my coffee drinking any time soon, but reducing my caffeine intake is always good for me, and to reduce my anxiety.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


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  1. I hope dinner went well, and that the foodie in you won out. Anxieties aside, going out for dinner is such a lovely experience.