Monday, May 2, 2016

Grocery Haul - May 2nd

Moved in to my new place, which means I needed to pick up a LOT of food.
It also meant a new grocery store, which meant lots and lots and lots of stress.

To start off, here's a picture of me (aka batman, in my new room!)

 Frozen strawberries for my overnight lunch oats.
 Frozen veg because vegetable prices are ridiculous.
 Skim milk for my morning lattes
Egg whites!
 Luna bars were on sale 4/5$ so of course I picked up my favorite flavor!
 BANANAS! I'm making banana nicecream for my morning commute tomorrow.
 Protein bars :)
 Large flake oats for overnight oats!
And some diet hot chocolate to make my coffees more exciting.

I also had to pick up makeup and some toiletries, so my grocery bill came to 75$ which my bank account did not enjoy.. I still have to pay this month's rent.

Ugh life.

But, I start my new job tomorrow!!



  1. Frozen fruit and vege is a lifesaver, isn't it?! Prices have been ridiculous here the past few weeks. Fresh cauliflower was $3 for a tiny half, and don't even get me started on the price of green beans!

    Good luck tomorrow :)


  2. haha....I love batman! Veggies are pretty expensive here too. :(