Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Egg white bowl

I'm incredibly lazy. Especially when it comes to doing dishes. Because of this, I've become the Queen of one bowl dishes.

My latest dinner has been the following:
3/4c egg whites
1/2c sweet potato (I put these through my spiralizer ahead of time)
1/2c broccoli

I just throw it all in a bowl, add some seasoning, and throw it in the microwave! I do 1 min increments and then stir until it's done.

I really like this because it will be easy to increase. When I'm ready, I can add cheese, butter, have bread on the side, use egg yolks etc.

What are your favorite dinners?



  1. This is genius!! I want to try this. :)

    My go-to safe dinner favorites:
    baked sweet potato with salsa and plain greek yogurt for topping
    spinach/apple/cucumber/carrot mixed with a little miracle whip for dressing
    fruit salad made with chopped fruit and vanilla greek yogurt for dressing
    oatmeal with apples, cinnamon and peanutbutter
    salad greens topped with black beans and salsa

  2. I've become a master of using minimal dishes too. Eggs are such a huge staple for me. I've recently started eating whole eggs - my go-to meal is an egg with lean bacon on a slice of toast. Otherwise it's usually baked potato with salad (either with a little cheese & bacon, or salsa & cheese, or sometimes bolognaise sauce), or a little chicken/fish with potato and veggies, chicken stir-fry, or a homemade soup/stew of some kind.