Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sometimes I forget that you're human too and that you feel too and that sometimes you get knocked down but you stand so tall and proud every day but I'm a hurricane and sometimes something's gotta give and sometimes that something is gonna be you but it kills me inside to think that I could take you down, and it scares me that I have that kind of power to take down someone as strong as you. I've always wanted the power to conquer the world but I don't want to conquer you please take this power away I don't want to hurt you I want to help you grow and watch you live and do amazing things. I want to be your sunlight and your rain that help you grow not the tornado that sweeps your house away. I've heard that this power comes with love but I'm scared. People are people and people and people get power hungry and start pushing things down to use as stepping stones instead of helping people up and looking up to the sky admiring the beauty. The last thing I'd want to do is break you down. But I'm people too. And people make mistakes. And people ruin what they love the most because this power is scary and pain hurts and avoidance is always the path of least resistance. So I back away. I withdraw to myself and let my heart grow grey, and never tell you that with you food tastes like life and life seems optimistic and that this optimism clouds my cynicism for a short moment. That a kiss with you feels like a pause in time and that failures and losses don't matter any more. That in your arms I'm as weightless as I'd ever want to be. Because with you I'm more powerful. With you I'm more me.

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