Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm back

I'm sorry I haven't written. Exam season got the best of me this year.
I only had three exams to write as I am on a reduced course load. I made the mistake of checking my grade of my take home exam the night before my first sit down exam. That shifted my mood a fair bit. I managed to get through the first sit down exam, but my last exam was the day after and I had one of the worst panic attacks.
I'm taking sitting in a ball on the floor, crying, shaking and hearing voices.
Luckily enough, I was supposed to see my therapist at that time, so she helped me through some grounding exercises, had me take another ativan, and set me up in a bed in the quiet room.
I'm glad I didn't write my exam because there is no way that would have gone over well.
But at the same time, I'm so upset with myself. I only took three courses so that I could get better and succeed. This doesn't seem like a success to me.
I wasn't able to get through the exam season like I wanted to.
I just couldn't do it..


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