Friday, April 8, 2016

House Hunting

Fistly, sorry for the overload of posts today. Now that I've finally given myself a break I have so much I want to tell you all, but I didn't want to thrown it all into one post or my thoughts get all jumbled.

I move out of my current house May 1st. My one housemate and I found a super cute two bedroom basement apartment super close to the school for a reasonable price. The price is actually so reasonable that we could also afford a cat!

The only problem is that our lease doesn't start until July 1st. So I have two months where I need to live somewhere else. I Think that the current plan is for me to live with my aunt in a nearby city. She has a two bedroom apartment for her and her cat, so I'm going to rent out the other bedroom! I'm actually really excited, my aunt and I get along quite well, and I think it would be good for my mental health to distance myself from my current life for a bit. There's also an amazing eating disorder support center in the city where she lives that I would be able to attend.

Moving twice is going to be a pain, but it will definitely be worth it. I'll then be living in this cute two basement apartment with my best friend, who understands me completely (she recovered from anorexia b/p subtype, and struggles with borderline symptoms), close to school and I won't be responsible for the house I live in as I will no longer be the landlords daughter.

I'm really excited about all of this. It's scary, but exciting. I know that in the end this is a really smart move for me. It was scary making this decision without my parents and having to do all of this on my own, but I'm so proud of myself for getting through it and making adult decisions, growing up and taking this next step in my life.

Growing up is scary. But I can't lie and say it's not exciting as well.


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  1. Hey, good for you for taking care of business. Moving is always a pain but you gotta do what you gotta do. My sister is borderline, I have to say reading your stuff really helps me to understand her. Keep fighting the good fight, you might feel like you're alone but you've got lots of readers out there rooting for you.

    Martin Moran @ Buyers Agent San Antonio