Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I recently started anti-psychotics.
I recently overdosed on anti-psychotics.

So I talked to my doctor and went to the pharmacy to get more, so that I could try them again and give them time to work.

My pharmacist was an ass about it. He kept on asking me what happened to the pills. I said they were gone, I don't have them and I need my new script filled now. He's also asking me this right beside another customer. Like I'm not going to fucking tell you I overdosed right beside someone else.

He gave me shit about this for about 5 minutes, continuously asking what happened to the pills, why I ran out, if I had lost them etc etc. I'm on antidepressants and recently started anti psychotics. Put two and two together. IT' SHOULD BE PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM.

He finally gave them to me and said "insurance covered it this time but if this pattern persists they won't cover it'. I fucking overdosed and your concern is whether or not insurance will cover it. Kay fine.

I need to only go to the pharmacy when my nice pharmacist is around.

Fuck everything.

To add on to this, my doctors appointment didn't go very well (as suspected). Apparently my weight went down last week, and I need to get a whole new work up done because of the overdose.

Fuck me.


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