Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15th - Grocery Haul

I felt really good grocery shopping today. I went over budget but I think it was worth it as I got a box of bounce energy balls and a lot of frozen fruit which will last quite a while!

These were on sale for 0.99$ instead of 4.99$ so I picked up 4 packs!!

Frozen fruit for my smoothies, I'm changing it up a bit with the peaches and banana-strawberry-kiwi blend.

I picked up some melba toast, I thought it would be super yummy with tomato and cheese, or hummus and cucumber

And, since they were on sale, a box of almond Bounce energy balls, and some quest bars!

Have a lovely day everyone <3



  1. Hi :) I just started following your blog, and wanted to stop by to say thanks for your comment.

    I love this grocery haul, especially the frozen fruit and the protein bars. Where would we be without freezers?!


    1. Thanks so much!!
      Frozen fruit is just the best isn't it! Especially with the price of produce going up so much!