Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm still here

I haven't posted in a few days
Which is odd for me
I'm usually glued to my laptop
Thinking of blog posts to make
And reading others posts as well

I've been super busy
With work and school and life
I started training for my new job
And it's the perfect job for me
I get to work from home
And there is minimal human contact
However enough contact that
I have to be functional

I have been struggling a bit
Since my hallucinations earlier this week
It has made it quite difficult for me
To go to class as I'm scared
That I'll start to hallucinate away from home

But I've been doing my best
To go out and take care
And try my best to eat
And reduce my binging and purging

I want to apologize
For the lack of grocery haul
Post this past Tuesday
Unfortunately it wasn't my best day
And I still have lots of food at home
So I spent most of my grocery money
For the week on gum
It's okay though because
I have extra money from work this week
For more food if I need it
And like I mentioned I have lots
Of leftovers filling my fridge

So I'm still here
Fighting this battle
And I won't let myself



  1. Glad you're still around. Keep fighting. :)

  2. Good to know you're still around :) I think it's definitely a good sign - when real life is so busy, you just don't have the time to blog.

    Stay strong <3