Sunday, March 6, 2016

3 ingredient energy bars

I made some energy bars this morning, and they came out fantastically!! I even allowed myself to have one as I was making them even though I had just eaten breakfast :)

They are no bake, and super easy to make!
Simply mix:
3c oats
2c peanut butter
1c protein power - (My protein powder is 1/3c per scoop, so I put in three scoops)

I'm currently using pure protein vanilla whey protein and it worked really well in these. It is quite a sweet protein powder, so if you're using unflavored protein powder I would recommend putting in honey, stevia or whatever your sweetener of choice is.

With my protein powder, I made 15 bars that came out to 267kcals each, and have more protein than clif bars, so I'll definitely be using them as a clif bar replacement!

I'm thinking next time of getting some chocolate protein powder to give it more of a 'peanut butter cup' flavor.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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