Sunday, February 21, 2016


I should be working, I need to start paying my parents back for everything they've done for me and all the shit they've pulled me out of.

I got a few new tutoring clients lined up. That will help for sure, and I just need to make sure to save this money. I CAN'T spend it on binge food. I just can't. I've done that too much, and it's getting me nowhere.

I've also found a two week long summer school that I would absolutely LOVE to go out west. It's a women in mathematics school and held in Vancouver. The cost of the school is only $50, but the flight will be expensive. I already have a poster prepared for the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematical Conference, but that conference is always out west, meaning I need to afford the flight, once again.

I've started using some online websites to work while I watch Netflix. I can get some amazon gift cards here, which at the very least will help me afford things I currently don't have the money for. It's nice to have something to boost my income as I'm too sick to have a "real" job. I really don't think I could go back to working at a cafe or store where I have to deal with a lot of people all day.

I hate how the world revolves around money, especially when school is so expensive. Add in the addiction and saving just becomes so much harder.

How do you guys save money? My parents are currently paying rent for me, and I'm very grateful, but also know I need to start paying again. Any tips you could share with me?


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